Notes For Creators

cross fit for the creative soul

Truth is a thermostat (but we live a thermometer life)

Sometimes someone says something in such a fresh way it […]


The creation frequency

If, instead of taking, you start giving — be it […]


Don’t drag 2019’s sorry-ass projects into 2020

I know it’s an arbitrary designation in space-time — still […]


Forget finding your calling, follow what’s surfacing

Too many of us crave a mythical calling when all […]


An unexpected answer from the latest Q&A

Each newsletter I send out ends with a question. Sometimes […]


Note: Supersize it

Hey — that’s simple enough, right? You know exactly which […]


How the Uncertainty Principle liberates you

It’s strange. The most destabilizing concept of the 20th century […]


An answer to ‘What helps you see in the dark?’

In my latest Reader Circle eletter, I riffed off this […]


14. One-minute weights

Is this the easy workout you’ve been pining for?

Ahhh, the One-Minute Workout … where have you been my whole life?

For Week 13 of My Year of Micro Experiments I wanted to get back to micro. Really micro. So small an effort you could stumble through it.


12. Measuring weight once daily

Every so often a small change you make turns out to be revolutionary. This incremental one-minute tweak turned out to be my revolution. My body revolution.