Notes For Creators

cross fit for the creative soul

Don’t drag 2019’s sorry-ass projects into 2020

I know it’s an arbitrary designation in space-time — still […]


Forget finding your calling, follow what’s surfacing

Too many of us crave a mythical calling when all […]


An unexpected answer from the latest Q&A

Each newsletter I send out ends with a question. Sometimes […]


Note: Supersize it

Hey — that’s simple enough, right? You know exactly which […]


How the Uncertainty Principle liberates you

It’s strange. The most destabilizing concept of the 20th century […]


An answer to ‘What helps you see in the dark?’

In my latest Reader Circle eletter, I riffed off this […]


14. One-minute weights

Is this the easy workout you’ve been pining for?

Ahhh, the One-Minute Workout … where have you been my whole life?

For Week 13 of My Year of Micro Experiments I wanted to get back to micro. Really micro. So small an effort you could stumble through it.


12. Measuring weight once daily

Every so often a small change you make turns out to be revolutionary. This incremental one-minute tweak turned out to be my revolution. My body revolution.


11. One splurge day a week

It may have been the accruing momentum of the micro challenges overall, or riding on the coattails of No Sodas success — either way it was a breeze. Demonstrating that if you keep trying tiny innovations eventually one will come easy.


The Creator’s dilemma

The moment we seek to create something fulfilling chaos envelops us. Before even. Chaos is the condition of a universe without fate, without predetermination. Chaos is a trillion trillion objects energies lifeforms moving on their own trajectories, not yours.

There’s a way to dispel the snarl of chaos . . . the sense of futility inside, the urgency outside.