Notes For Creators

cross fit for the creative soul

Note: Before all else

Sometimes it can be that easy — the difference between […]


14. One-minute weights

Is this the easy workout you’ve been pining for?

Ahhh, the One-Minute Workout … where have you been my whole life?

For Week 13 of My Year of Micro Experiments I wanted to get back to micro. Really micro. So small an effort you could stumble through it.


Note: Feel the vitality

A micro challenge I’m taking on this week takes but […]


Note: Emanate

Isn’t this always the way? To create something enduring you’ve […]


12. Measuring weight once daily

Every so often a small change you make turns out to be revolutionary. This incremental one-minute tweak turned out to be my revolution. My body revolution.


Note: Surprise yourself

Robert Frost once said: “No surprise in the writer, no […]


Note: I love your way

Yes you. Especially you. You may be thinking, You don’t […]


Note: The C word

Sometimes I desperately need the message a #Note provides. This […]


11. One splurge day a week

It may have been the accruing momentum of the micro challenges overall, or riding on the coattails of No Sodas success — either way it was a breeze. Demonstrating that if you keep trying tiny innovations eventually one will come easy.


Note: Someone you encounter