The blending of Eastern and Western thought

This blending of Western and Eastern thought is beautiful.

Aggressive (emphasis on dominion over the world) and passive (emphasis on retreat from the world) are converging into creative (emphasis on playfully engaging the world).

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A moon so startling

Tonight when I stepped outside with the dog I saw a moon so startling I blurted out:

“Oh my God!”

And it was.

(It always is.)


My favorite prayer (for myself)

. . . asking to be grown . . . into the capacity required to meet my challenge/attain my desire.

Essentially I am saying: 

Expand in me, so that I am grown to the capacity necessary to deal with this thing in my life . . . 

Or if for a fervent wish . . . 

Expand in me, so that I am grown to the capacity necessary to create this thing in my life . . . 


Sowing peace through muffins

This morning my sister’s family, including three young kids, was awakened at 5:30 am by a snow blower operated by her next-door neighbor. Char called and left a message, asking if it would be possible to do the snow blowing on the side driveway separating their homes at 6 am in the future.

When the neighbor called back later in the day she had her big guns loaded for big game. She blasted Char as over-entitled, complaining she didn’t have the help Char did. Worse, Char’s freelance help occasionally parked on the (public) street in front of her home, not Char’s. Pfft, frrrrzzzle and grrrrrrr.

How would you have handled this?

Me? In light of Char’s reaction I realized how easily I could have initiated a neighborhood cold war. Such unreasonable twaddle cakes! (I would huff.) What’s half an hour? (I would puff.)

Char? She baked muffins and brought them next door as a peace offering.

What says Hey, I’m sure we can work this all out better than muffins you made yourself?

Char said it wasn’t an easy task but she realized if she didn’t extend an olive branch immediately it could lead to long-simmering ugliness . . . . 

Now, for guidance, we can all get bracelets with the acronym WWCD on it: What would Char do?

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Sometimes it’s the smaller question that opens the way

Sometimes it’s not this question: 

What can I do to fix the situation?

Sometimes it’s this one: 

What one small thing can I do to improve the situation ever so slightly?


Boundary maker

I have a friend  damn him  who does not respond to emails and texts after 6 pm. He’s closed up shop. Last night I had this sinking feeling after I’d digitally reached out to him . . . and saw it was 7-ish.

Though it wouldn’t work for me at this juncture in my life, I immensely respect that he powers down at the end of his work day.

I handle it a little differently. There are pockets of time throughout the day when I’m incommunicado during certain activities. When I’m engaged with a client. When I’m in a meeting. During creative time. Playing with Zane outside. Dates with my wife! (Though she took a call once . . . from her mother of all people.) 

It’s the boundaries we set for sanity that make a life worth living. 

As he says:

I make up for shutting down at 6 p.m. by getting started before 6 a.m.

Good on ya, Angel Dude.

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The many faces of God (a Hindu perspective)

Today as Ann was dropping off dry cleaning she and the woman at the counter fell into an unlikely conversation about God and religions.

Ann remarked on a favorite Gandhi insight, comparing God to a diamond and the religions of the world as viewing the diamond each through its own facet.

This Hindu woman then shared her perspective on the many ways of seeing God, using a personal analogy:

I am a worker. I am also many things. When you see me you see a worker . . . but I am also a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I am all of these things and all of these are also me.

How you see me doesn’t change who I am . . . Because you see me one way doesn’t mean I’m not all these others as well.

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Noticing (after a fall)

Going through crap is humbling and exalting simultaneously.

Now that I’ve come through and am on the other side, I find success to be humbling and exalting too. 

Imagine a sure-footed mountaineer slipping  almost  into a crevasse. Back on solid rock, what a feeling of elation and awe . . . 

Firm footing after a fall engenders wonder, not arrogance.

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Last night I inured myself. I ripped a muscle in the center of my calf ambushing Zane and a friend as they mounted a sneak attack on me in my home office. In fairness, they were only retaliating from my earlier sneak attack on them while they were hanging out in Zane’s room goofing around.

This morning I saw Travis Thomas of 30 Days of Yes fame. I hobbled up to him with this question on my mind: How does he handle injury?

Travis is a Christian Scientist and I’ve been at times awed with how Christian Scientists handle bodily distress. He in particular has effected a couple of healings that would impress the most skeptical among us — a broken bone; an injury to the vertebrae from a trampoline mishap.

Travis’s response: You are not separate from Love.

Whenever someone reminds me of Love I feel relief. Love has worked for me often — and my worldly mind just as often forgets about Love’s efficacy.

In Travis’s interpretation  (paraphrased poorly here) we and the divine are one — I’m with the dude on that! A problem such as a bodily injury is only an error in belief. Specifically a belief in one’s separation from God, from perfection.

Once that error in thought is replaced with “I and Spirit are one therefore there can be no imperfection in my body” a healing is accomplished. Healing in this interpretation is simply a restoration to divine perfection.

I am in sync with that view — we are all aspects of the divine; we are all one pervasive spirit expressed in infinite individuality.

My interpretation: We are here as spirit beings to experience the vast wonders of this three-dimensional existence. I can experience it in myriad ways, each with its own trajectory and possibilities.

If I hurt myself I can nestle deeply into the All Spirit (OmJah!) and choose another experience, one of wholeness. Whether it is instantaneous or merely a quick healing or even a slow healing has to do with the degree I can align with and believe and feel the other healthy/whole experience as true for me . . . and thus bring it about.

Another interpretation might be my Mom’s (MomJo!): She asks and receives favor from God.

Another interpretation might be divine schmivine — there’s no such thing. However the body does have an inherent healing capacity — and if you support it, healing will come along quite nicely, thank you very much.

Still another interpretation may hold similar conceptual water — the divine has nothing to do with it — yet the mind can influence bodily outcomes greatly. Hence visualization techniques will super-speed healing.

I relish the interpretations. This thisness of which we’re all a part is so grand, so colossally beyond our ken that we can only do our best to grasp its magnitude. We articulate to the best of our ability our understanding of that which can never be understood. Not completely. That would require disembodiment. It would require disen-human-brain-ment.

That may come. Just not while we’re here, localized.

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The inexhaustible

The best things are inexhaustible: 

Love, creativity, vitality, laughter, friendship.

The more you express them the more you have . . . .