Last night in meditation, and afterward

Last night in meditation, and afterward, a love impossibly warm and encompassing gushed through me. I could scarcely contain it  so I didn’t. 

I released it to you, and you and you and you and you  for any and all  I sent it everywhere, though my sending it was unnecessary, it’s already there  everywhere.

It’s where you are, should you wish to access it.

A love incomprehensibly vast and warm is there for us all. It only takes a little love on our parts to unleash the flow of the unendingly deep current.

Once released it gushes.

Steep in it  while you flow it to others, to all. 

I would say it’s a faucet to be turned on  but no  it’s a spring always there, suddenly burst open as if from a crack in your surface.

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Sometimes you need a little Brene Brown

Faith minus vulnerability and mystery is extremism. 


Management by hypnosis

The other day our Operations Manager walked into the office and said (with emphasis), “We have the nicest clients.”

He’s not an emphatic guy; he and Ann had just come back from an installation, and he’d palpably been touched by the interaction.

I relayed this to Ann later. She said:

Yeah, I say that all the time. I learned from the best: Management by Hypnosis.

(It’s my term for saying something over and over in as many variations as possible until it sticks  both in and out of business.)

And we do say it all the time: We have the best clients!

We marvel at our good fortune, to have such an exceptional client base.

Ann consciously began this practice as she stepped back into full time work at the gallery, two years ago. Just prior, there’d been a series of depressingly difficult clients . . . and Ann was determined to turn that around. 

She chose the management by hypnosis method. 

The best thing about this method is that you hypnotize yourself too. It sinks deep. It sinks so deep you can find your way by echo location, as you hear it reflected back to you . . . by your Operations Manager, among others.

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Why do we read memoirs?

Why do we read memoirs?

To live the experience of another.

(Without having to live it ourselves.)

Your life too is worthy of a memoir, whether you ever choose to write it or not.

Though you can live it as though it’s worthy of such an undertaking.

(Because it is.)


Blinking as rebooting

You know what I do sometimes? Let’s say I’m driving and an unpalatable thought comes streaking through  something with a little bite, something with a little momentum to it. 

I blink.

I blink it away. After the blink I look for another thought stream I’d like to enter. 

A favorite fallback is thinking up ways to make my son laugh. 

(My wife is eeeasy . . . to make laugh . . . all I have to do is go for the gutter and my classy woman snorts like a farm animal.)

Sometimes I may blink six, nine times until  . . . until I’m blinkered (!)  . . . until I’ve landed in a stream of thought worthy of attention.

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Creative engagers (the new action heroes)

Experience is so vivid and personal to the experiencer that to compare and contrast with another’s life is an utter impossibility.

You know who I follow?

  • A couple of minimalists whose online business broke down and left them floundering in far flung locales, homeless even for a short stint. I’m intrigued by how they’re reinventing themselves on the fly.
  • Multi-millionaire creative types  to vicariously go along for the heady ride.
  • Those grappling with their own personal and spiritual evolution.
  • Those forging their own way.

You know who I don’t follow (and you likely don’t either)?
  • Bored trust funders who are doing nothing in the world.
  • Complainers, kvetchers, bitchers and moaners, who also by the by are doing nothing substantive in the world.

Creatively engaging the world regardless of your current circumstance is all life asks of you. 

It’s all any of us truly care about. 

When we look at another’s life what we’re really doing is asking  is she committed to living? How is she going about it?

Creatively engaging the world is the only requirement for a compelling journey.

So . . . even if your neighbor/friend/family member is living something different, something construed as more desirable  it doesn’t mean doodley.

The only thing that has any meaning at all is how you engage your own experience.

(From where you’re at.)

(With what you’ve got.)

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How’s this for horizon thinking?

I was speaking with a friend the other morning when she mentioned a couple who since the birth of their child have been holding in consciousness a future perfect life mate for him.

Though this could get creepy if their concept for what a perfect mate would be held all manner of narrow-minded restrictions, i.e., virgin, certain endowments, specific religion, political leanings, hairstyle, burka style . . . 

. . . . But think about it . . . we know thoughts affect outcomes . . . so to hold forth for a couple of decades about an ideal mate for your child without restricting his choices or the wondrously mysterious workings of the universe  . . . is to coalesce some kind of snow-balling energy that’s gotta be good.

We’ll have to check in a lifetime from now, to see how it works out.

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Sometimes even if it seems crazy you just have to write it out

Last week  I posted about this incident, where a woman I hadn’t seen in 17 years suddenly showed up at my door within a week of beginning to write about her in a book.

And here I wrote about encountering a suburban bohemian on my street after I began writing about bohemians in suburbia.

Since this seems to be a trend  that what I write seems to unfold in my world and pronto  then it only seems prudent to write of people showing up and giving me huge fantastical sums of money for some creative endeavor.

With the previous sentence, consider it done. 

(You might be interested in peeking at this post too: Have you written it down yet, your dream?)

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Micro-envisioning: Being your own guide into the next few minutes or hours of your life

I’m writing this for those of you who may have a difficult time visualizing, especially longer term. 

For several years when we were in deep crisis mode I could not surmount the gravitational field of my own experience. I was frequently unable to envision grandly and boldly a future time radically different from what I was experiencing.

Fortunately what I did find was this: No matter how narrow your life gets you can always micro-envision. 

You can always jump forward some small bit of time in your mind and feel your way into a preferred outcome.

You can see that bill being paid . . . somehow. 

You can feel a negotiation working out well.

You can imagine an interview going jauntily. 

You can capture in your mind the way the ‘yes’ you need from the next conversation will feel when it happens.

I’m a fond practitioner of micro-envisioning  living out a desired result only slightly in advance. It’s easy to take a slow moment and unfold the ideal flow for your next few minutes or even your next few days. 

Do that enough times, step by step by step . . . and soon you’ll find yourself running, even gliding.

When things are flowing, ideas are gelling, it’s easy to envision expansive vistas for one’s self. 

For example:
Now that things are going well for us big visions come easily. In my mind I’m putting outposts on Mars, I’m speaking to millions through my words, adventures in consciousness are being had all over the globe.
But before that I was keen on micro-visualization . . . because it worked for me . . . taking a few short relaxed moments to envision a happy result for my next few minutes or hours.

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We are all brave souls

We are all brave souls. We came here where we can get hurt.