I am love drunk by the way life energy moves

An example:

Yesterday I went back to a yoga class after a long-time absence. Afterward a friend and I ate breakfast at a dive-type diner. 
We were conversing about yoga and a Jewish friend and her connection to Unity. My friend Michael is Jewish also and wondered aloud why the attraction to Unity . . . I was stumbling trying to offer up thoughts about Unity . . . when a couple at the table next to us asked if it was OK to barge into the conversation.
They were long-time Unity revelers — and also practiced yoga at the Kula Yoga Shala where we’d just come from. (They were musicians to boot.) (And he looked like Richard Branson’s even happier twin brother.)
Fifteen minutes of conversation that fizzed like a fine champagne ensued. 
As the woman said at one point: “Consciousness is changing!”
Things like this keep happening: 

Perfectly-placed diner mates  

A friend reaching out just when I needed to hear from him most 

This past weekend I put a note in my planner about volunteering locally  and I received a call from friends who badly needed help this week with pets while they were away 

Little wonders I don’t even understand burst into my experience (like this) . . . . 

How can you not be mind-blown intoxicated with the workings of the universe when you become lovingly attentive?!

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Of oranges and (spiritual) experience

You can’t know what it is like to eat an orange by listening to a description  you can only taste it to know it.

Spiritual experience is like that.

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There’s a call and response to this reality that is sublime

There are many posts here about how effective writing down your vision can be. 

Not only in the conventional way, where you write it down as a goal, but in the mental-spiritual way . . . where you ask . . . or where you envision . . . or where you stream possibility onto the page.

Example: Have you written it down yet, your dream?

Most work mornings I write a vision page just before breakfast. It’s generally a two-parter, the first part being about what I’m loving in the world that day, the second part launching into something I’d like to create in my life. 

It could be growing myself, it could be something I wish to experience . . . .

Just yesterday as I wrote my page I asked for this:

OmJah [a pet name for the divine]

I have a question I’d like answered in  the most easy breezy of manners: What is up with Blanco? 

Please send me a communication.

Blanco — unfortunately not his real name, because who wouldn’t want a good friend named Blanco — is one of my dearest forever friends and I hadn’t heard from him in awhile. 

He’d gone underground, dealing with some difficult life stuff that hadn’t gone the hoped and expected way. So, I didn’t want to intrude but I wanted some kind of communication letting me know that he was as OK as he could be.

About 7 hours later I’m chatting with a friend — in fact a mutual friend of Blanco’s — he, Blanco and I are kind of an unholy friendship triumvirate going back many years. As we’re talking this and that another call comes in.

Mutual friend: Oh, that’s Blanco, I’ll call him back later. What in God’s name . . .  I haven’t had a call all day long and now you both call at the same time.

Me (alert to the sign): I haven’t talked to Blanco in a dog’s age. We had a couple calls back and forth a couple weeks back but I left the last two messages and haven’t heard back.

Then off we went talking about whatever we’d been speaking about, without giving it another thought.

An hour after this, Blanco called.

. . . . . 

Wasn’t that curiously sweet timing?

Felt easy breezy to me.

. . . . . 

I love to share these deliriously synchronistic experiences. There’s a call and response to this reality that is sublime if you pay attention. And we pay attention to them here. My new Mission and Me page details one . . . 

There are many ways to tap into the ecstatic mystery coursing in undercurrents through our lives. 

Asking is one way. 

Writing it down is another way. 

Conversing daily through written letters so that you become conscious of the divine extraordinary every day is another.

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The dilemma of the artist and the entrepreneur

The entrepreneur and the artist face a similar dilemma: That of not wanting to let people down.

Living up to expectations can be an existential threat.

Holding onto staff when income dries up can kill a business as surely as lingering on in a style you’re known for can snuff out the creative fire.

The greatest crisis can be living up to expectations when evolutionary breakthrough is needed.

(Sometimes letting it all fall to pieces is the way forward.)

PS: See this post for success from the ruins . . . . 


The whisper effect (Burj Kahlifa version)

We celebrate big bang creations, though everything of value including the processes that brought us into being came about through almost inaudible whispers of incremental creation. 

The tallest building in the world right now is in Dubai. (The Burj Khalifa.)

The tallest building in the world . . .

. . . began with thatched huts, improved with adobe dwellings, improved again with bricks then steel and wires and glass and plastics and whisper after whisper after whisper of innovation.

Each of those (very few) items (of too many to note) mentioned above had their own history of whisper improvements along the way. 

Today’s steel whispered its way into a modern marvel beginning with the Bronze Age — before that! — in the Copper Age, when humans began smelting metals into tools. 

Those first metals from 7,000-ish years ago are a distant cry from what holds your vehicle together today.

Which is good for you.

It is good to remind yourself that it is the accumulation of small whisper acts that will compel a big bang creation into existence.

It is also good to remind yourself that every creation is conceived and constructed from thousands of whisper moments. 

Your time today on something of significance to you? But a whisper. You’d hardly miss it if you blew away your whisper time on something else of no value to you. 

(TV? Clicking away idling on some inconsequential thread?)

Yet . . . take away those whisper moments, those moments of accrual, and you get nothing. 

Everything of significance is constructed whisper by whisper by whisper. Each whisper feels almost meaningless. It’s like laying down a feather. 

Or a grain of sand.

How many grains of sand do you suppose are in the Burj Khalifa? In the glass, in the structure? The particles embedded in that edifice are almost imponderable.

And yet it’s all whisper effect. Enough whisper moments and you can create your own Burj Khalifa. Though you might call it something else. 

You might call it a meditation practice.

Or a freelance career.

Or a meaningful relationship.

Or the side project that ultimately changed your life.

Part of the What creators do series.

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How to have a rollicking ritual (Bless this project, part 2)

I was moved when a hard-headed rationalist had the boat he was building blessed

Inspired by Brian, I sought to have my creative career blessed.

If you read that first post, you’ll see I went bigger. I began by wanting to bless my Bohemia in Suburbia and Beyond book coming to an endpoint this year . . . but quickly supersized it to encompass this whole creative career I’m embarked upon.

In his honor — because he had both a Catholic priest and an energy worker bless the boat on different occasions — I’m now in the blessing business, seeking multiple blessings.

You know how you can’t have just one chip? It’s that way but better with blessing ceremonies.

Today I participated in the first one.

Here’s what set the tone for the moment: We had the most right person helming the event. Carolyn Cohen fairy godmothered us through the process with a light touch. 

This will give you a tiny insight into her personality. My wife and Carolyn became fast friends well before I had a chance to meet her too, and all Ann kept saying was this about Carolyn: 

You’ve got to meet her! She’s the happiest woman alive.

Carolyn is an intuitive and a healer and a sprightly spirit in tennis shoes. She’s got a smile on her that would be classified as highly contagious if there were any unhealthy side effects associated with it. 

You know how some people have a smile that takes over their whole face when they light up? Carolyn’s smile takes over the room. It’s pure gooey delight.

So there was that.

And then there was the Baby Buddha with a Flute she brought to honor the occasion.

Oops, Bodhi photobombed us with his dog parts . . . .

There’s the Baby Buddha! 

Sitting right where we planted our dreams. And, I should add, among plantings I’d just dug in this week. Many hard labor hours were put in to nest six large palms and all those tiny (for now) tropicals.

Beyond Carolyn here are the other elements that made for a satisfying ritual.

There were three of us. Ann, myself, Carolyn. All of us participated by blessing something we were creating in our lives. There’s something about the power of three that triangulated the energy. We all felt it.

We wrote out our heart’s desires together in funnish ways. There was colored paper! Colored pens! Chinese symbol woodcut stamps! Thanks to my ever-creative woman wife, it was almost silly fun assembling our messages. And doing it all together like that, even when we went silent into our respective thoughts, amplified the power of three.

Each of us read aloud what we were consecrating. Is there anything more powerful than declaring in front of others you trust what you seek to create?

A blessing was made and we buried the papers together in the earth. There we were, standing together in the shade of the palms I’d just planted earlier in the week, making it an extra right location. 

The whole thing was light-hearted, a joy, a playful romp. We didn’t even light a candle! (Except for the candle-powered tea Ann brewed.) It simply flowed. We made it up as we went along . . . and the levity only added to the experience.

Kinda sorta part of the What creators do series.

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Osho: The new and its relation to the divine

Mind thinks it is not rational to leave the old. But God is always the new. That’s why we cannot use past tense or future for God. We cannot say “God was,” we cannot say “God will be.” We can only use the present: “God is.” 

It is always fresh, virgin. And it has ingress in you.
Remember, anything new coming in your life is a message from God.

If you accept it you are religious. If you reject it you are irreligious. Man needs just to relax a little more to accept the new; to open up a little more to let the new in. Give way to God entering you. 

That is the whole meaning of prayer or meditation 
 you open up, you say yes, you say, “Come in.” You say, “I have been waiting and waiting and I am thankful that you have come.” 

Always receive the new with great joy. 

Even if sometimes the new leads you into inconvenience, still it is worth it. Even if sometimes the new leads you into some ditch, still it is worth it, because only through errors one learns, and only through difficulties one grows. The new will bring difficulties. That’s why you choose the old it does not bring any difficulties. It is a consolation, a shelter. 

And only the new, accepted deeply and totally, can transform you. You cannot bring the new in your life; the new comes. You can either accept it or reject it. If you reject it you remain a stone, closed and dead. If you receive it you become a flower, you start opening . . . and in that opening is celebration. 

Only the entry of the new can transform you, there is no other way of transformation. 

Excerpted from Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously.

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Creators and process (the drug of choice)

Creators love process. In fact creators are process. 

Have you ever spoken with someone in thrall to a dream? Yes they talk about the end point, the book or the business, but really what they mostly talk about is the process. They crave it, have to have it, can’t exist a day without it. 

When you see someone immersed in process, you’ve found someone immersed in creation.

Someone excited to go to Bali can’t stop telling you about what they’re discovering hourly about Bali. How they’re going to get there. How their saving is going. How their preparation is going. What they’re taking with them. What might be the best clothes, the best gear, the best hat, the best way to be semi-clad in the tropical fecundity of Bali.

It’s the same with someone starting a business. If you sit back from the conversation, just sit back a foot in your mind, you’ll find that if you sift out everything they’re talking about regarding building their business . . . if you sift all that out . . . there is nothing left. 

Because starting that business is their meaning. It’s breathed. It’s eaten. It’s evacuated. Little exists outside of the process for that person.

It’s the same with a new parent. 

It’s the same with a kid constructing a fort.  

It’s the same with someone creating a love bond. To be on the other side of a conversation with someone falling in love is perhaps the deadliest place to be. 

(“Oh, did I tell you, we both brush our tongues! We have so much in common!”)



Elon Musk.

All thrive on process. 

It’s in the daily thicket of doing that ideas emerge, disparate thoughts converge, ego submerges, energy surges.

You’ll know it when you’re in it, you won’t be able to suppress the urge . . . to do it daily and do it often.

How do you get there?

Like everything else. You begin. You let it acquire mass. You move from inspirational to habitual. 

You take things off the table so you can put more of this on the table.

You take other things out of your mind so you can put more of this in your mind.

Once it’s taken hold of your mind, it will take hold of your actions. You’ll begin accruing escape velocity.

Then it’s only a matter of time before you too become a process junkie. 

You will acquire that home, ride that motorcycle, bring that thing to market . . . but you won’t stop. Not now, because process has got you. Process has infiltrated and you’d rather give up sex than process — yes, I exaggerate (thankfully), but you will forego trips to the beach, nights out, social interactions, TV, meals, internet surfing, phone calls to Mom.

You can tell a true dream when you’re as in love with the process of achieving it as you are the goal.

What is a dream, really, other than a means to living a meaning?

Part of the What creators do series.

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What meditation looks like (storm version)

Today, twice, in a harsh tropical rainstorm I had a surreally quiet moment. 

It was this kind of storm, where the wind gusts so hard that for minutes at a time the shape of a tree looks like a woman’s hair tossed by a hairdryer.

Twice today in my travels I ended up underneath an overpass waiting for a light. 

Just before going under the overpass — drumming rain upon the car, if you can entertain the idea of a thousand elfin drummers in utter drumming abandon.

Just after — pure stillness.

The storm was out there on the periphery — where I was, sweet and utter calm.

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Happy money

Want a fun way to give anonymously and send little spasms of joy rippling out through your community? 

Try Laina Buenostar’s Happy Money method:

  • Uno: Take a small bill, a one, a five, a ten — whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Dos: Write a blessing or encouragement or treasured phrase on a post-it.
  • Tres: Roll the bill up in the post-it.
  • Quatro: Hide in plain sight somewhere, where others will come across it easily.
  • Cinco: Vanish. Let it all unfurl without you peeping in on who’s receiving it.
Laina loves leaving her Happy Money in elevators, in crowded areas, or in grocery stores (inside egg cartons is a favorite for her; she relishes the idea of someone opening up the eggs at home to find her note and the money).
Laina swears that doing this once a week will increase the flow of money into your own life, because you are giving freely and regularly — and getting a giver’s high to boot.
She fashioned this method for herself when she found herself in a foreign country flat broke and living on a friend’s couch after a business she’d started bellied up. 

Too poor to even give charitably, she hit upon this method as a way of seeding for others — for those who found the money — what she would like to have happen for herself.

Laina says she’s never lacked for money in the many years since.
I say what an impish spirit way to spread delight around.

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