Two to delight — and maybe even set your soul afire

Speaking of crazy and rare cool cats — check out Zero Dean. His URL is his name. He definitely is part of our crazy posse. So, since I decided to pick a team — who would be your next pick?
Travii — Zero Dean! Good nomination. What fun. Another one tiptoeing his way through the delightful tulips of his days . . . .  
My pick of the moment is Jacob Nordby. I opened my most recent newsletter with this quote of his:

Blessed are the weird people — poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours — for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.

Here’s a link to one of his sites — yes, he has multiple sites — where does he get the time?? 
You’ll enjoy tripping down the page of this one:

It is filled with modern sageness and timeless yesness.

I was an easy and immediate Nordby convert — he had me at Blessed Are — (followed by Weird People). 

Like you, Travis, he is impossibly good looking. It’s so not fair. This man writes with flair, is genetically blessed, and exudes a love-it-all-like-it-is radiance that is otherworldly. And he’s wise! He’s witty! He speaks in tongues . . . . 

Nah, but he speaks for our era of inclusivity. Like he’s channeling Jack Kerouac by way of Osho.

To me Jacob Nordby epitomizes what may become a significant theme of this conversation: Embracing nowness . . . while charging forth into the becomingness.
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The Creative Soul Dialogues
Talky talk between me and Travis Thomas of, about creativity and spirituality and the conjugal bliss between them.

The perfect creative stance

I have a favorite Abraham Hicks quote, which I can only paraphrase here until I find it verbatim: 

“The perfect creative stance is to be happy where you’re at, yet eager for more.”

I love that so much it has become a kind of background mantra for me. 
It’s what I seek, to be gloriously immersed in the now . . . while ecstatically creating what is to come.

Is it true enough?

Never mind about the ultimate truth. We’ve been debating ultimate reality since the savannahs — or the trees — or the alien seeding of our race — whichever version happens to be really true. In a hundred thousand years of humanity do we know without a doubt what it is? 

Instead ask of whatever truth you’re latching onto, Is it true enough? 

Newtonian physics may not have been the end point of our mathematical understanding, but it was true enough to get us to the moon. Einsteinian physics presumably is not ultimate truth either but it will likely be true enough to get us to the stars.

For ourselves we are asking, Is it true enough to grow me? Is it true enough to enlarge me spiritually? Is it true enough that it will enhance my humanity?

For you 

Evan Griffith
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Each moment is a creative question

Each moment is a creative question. If I can be alive to it — and answer it — then I am fulfilled.


Reminding myself: Our joy boy shows the way

When our 10-year old is stymied by something, he goes sullen. He casts a somber even snarly shadow-zone beyond the confines of his own little self. 

Then . . .  

Quickly . . .  

He’s off to something else. 

He’s building, scheming, playing. 

He’s alive with intention again. 

What has he just done in those few moments? 

He felt where he was thwarted and felt it so fully we felt it. 

Then — he erases that reality utterly by casting his mind about for something engaging — he erases the sullen by (playfully) creating anew — where he can.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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In a creative house

In a creative house the dishes aren’t always done. The laundry piles up. Things don’t always get picked up. 

In a creative house those things will get done. Just not necessarily first. In a creative house the priorities are different. Connection and creation are the priorities in a creative house. Everything else is secondary.

In a creative house it is understood your project will come before taking out the garbage. 

In a creative house connection between those living and visiting within it are paramount. As is connection with the supreme quiet of your eternal self. As is creation — creating — creating — creating  because that is what is done in a creative house. 

The laundry always finds its way to completion in a creative house. As do the dishes and cleaning. Because creative time energizes. You have more energy when you’ve given yourself over to life’s primary demand first  to create magnificently in your experience. 

Be it shared time or creative projects or your life’s work, the things that matter most are what’s supported in a creative house.

For you —

Evan Griffith
What creators do

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The creative Big Bang

Some are born to it — they can’t remember a time when they weren’t teasing new things out of their environment.

Others, most of us, have our own personal Big Bang. Yearnings build up such force they burst out into their own creative life. When you can’t stand the humdrum any more, then comes the explosion. 

Into significance.  

It’s how the activist became compassionate in action. It’s how the eccentric became so. It all begins with a burst of I can’t sit around being so-so any more.

Remember, the creative life has nothing to do with being a ‘creative’ person — it’s about playfully, willfully creating experience that matters. You can be a corporate drone buried deep in Bookkeeping and be drenched in creative living. 

Creativity has only some small relation to career choice, yet a very large relation to being Connected.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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The Maya Angelou Mantra Movement (MAMM!)

Getty Images

+Wendi Spisak and I were bantering back and forth on Google Plus about Maya Angelou when Wendi said something that sparked a movement. The movement so far may only be me and Wendi — hell, it may only be me — but I trust this movement has legs. This movement is gonna go places.

Wendi noted that she was “strangely comforted by just the mention of her name.” 

Simply hearing Maya Angelou’s name made her feel better.

Maya Angelou has plowed through and beyond much in her life — an at times brutal childhood, poverty, racism, sexism, baby mama-ism, and her own shy beginnings as a writer — to become a living monument. Think of her and you think of spunk and spirit and poetry and truth and blazing determination and raucous laughter. 

(And ever gentle insight — pithy yet embracing insight. Maya’s not going to swat you about the head to coerce you into transformation . . . she’ll slyly coax you into it.)

Imagine this: You’ve had a devastating setback in your career, in your health, in your personal affairs . . . and you simply whisper her name slowly and repeatedly, as you would a mantra:

Maya . . . 

. . . . Angelou

Maya . . .

. . . Angelou

Mayahhhh . . . 

Wouldn’t that put you in touch with the spirit of the woman who’s overcome more than we’ll ever encounter? (Hopefully.) And won’t that help ease your way through it?

If Maya Angelou doesn’t do the trick for you, utter the name of any giant whose unique spirit does do it for you. 

Nahhh, I take that back. Stick with her name. It flows. It soothes. It induces an indomitable tenacity. 

Mayahhhhhhh . . . . 

And it engenders a light heart. What more do you want?

For you Wendi 

Evan Griffith
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Joe Dispenza: We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon

“We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon; if we do, then we are turning science into another religion. We should be brave enough to contemplate our lives, do what we thought was “outside the box,” and do it repeatedly. When we do that, we are on our way to a greater level of personal power.” 

~ Joe Dispenza, Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

Many of the writers I adore go heavy on the statistical evidence. Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Pink come to mind. They weave entire books around cutting edge data drawn from the social sciences. 

And they’re spell-binding — why ideas spread through a culture like viruses (Gladwell, The Tipping Point), or why right-brainers will rule the world (Pink, A Whole New Mind). 

For books like those you crave the evidence as a backdrop to the Big Idea being presented.

And yet, in an era of ten million studies, it is easy to allow the scientific understanding of the day to trump our own inclinations. 

Yes, look to the science, look to the studies, learn from what is known. But don’t let it stop you from the unknown. There has never been an era in history whose understanding of the world was complete . . . what are the odds that our era is the final word?

That’s why I side with those who dare. That’s why I believe those who say we are so much more than we appear to be. Because that is what history has shown us — our definition of ourselves keeps expanding. That has ever been true.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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There’s a new religion being born: Positive Soul

Hark, there’s a new religion being born. Let’s call it Positive Soul.

It’s American for sure. In the way that America is a crossroads of cultures. This new religion crosses religions, though really, it’s no religion at all  yet through it diverse schools of thought recognize commonalities in each other.

Positive Soul is positive psychology and positive thinking and spiritual seeking and spiritual eclecticism all swirled together into one tasty frittata.
Positive Soul borrows inclusivity from the Hindus, mindfulness from the Buddha, expansive love from Jesus, spiritual healing from Mary Baker Eddy and her New Thought cousins, prosperity consciousness from Think And Grow Richers, and effortless action from those Zen precursors, the Daoists. 
Positive Soulers are inspired by Native American wisdom and mythical archetypes a la Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Lay down tracks that include African tribal drums, Middle Eastern chants and Sting . . . and you can jump start a Positive Soul party anywhere.

Positive Soul spiritualizes creativity. 
The Positively Soulful are creators and subsiders. They flow and they form. Positive Soul values intention . . . and surrender. Envisioning . . . and releasing. Doing . . . and playing. 

Positive Soulers consider their lives a work of art. The Positively Soulful weave meaning into their days, and seek to do the same for those they adore.

A Positive Soul begins the day in reverence, lopes through it with heart, and is contemplative at day’s end.

In Positive Soul you can embrace your inner Jew or Sufi or Rastafarian . . . as well as your outer entrepreneur, your pagan spirit, your Sunday worship, your Saturday night exuberance. If you embrace all things, yours and not yours, foreign or familiar, you are Positive Soul. 

If you see frolic as a form of reverence, Positive Soul is you. If being light of heart is a higher calling, you are on the Positive Soul path.

Positive Soul discards the nonsensical and nonessential from ages past, while likely picking up new craziness on its experimental quest for greater understanding. Positive Soul is an accepting place, gathering together world wisdom that works, wherever it can be found.

For you —

Evan Griffith
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