A soul thought experiment: Dreamwalking

Here’s a soul thought experiment:

Dreamwalk through your day 

For one day move through your moments as if you are living your dream life today. 

Treat whatever comes up as if it’s part of the magical dream life you’ve envisioned. 



Find the everlovin’ loveliness at the heart of every experience that comes your way. It’s there, I promise you.

Try this and see . . . if your experience isn’t like mine. That you come to feel you’re immersed in a field of connection. That even events that would normally antagonize the hell out of you simply become an amusing backdrop to a blisstastic day.

Dreamwalk — just for a day. It’s like entering a good karma carnival. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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Let’s celebrate magnificent success too

Have you looked back lately to bask in how far you’ve come?

There’s an area in your life where you’ve traveled farther than you recognize.
I know because this recognition just happened to me.
While researching segments for a book project I came across an old blog post: 

This post was written at a time when it looked as though we were only months away from bankruptcy.

We never fell over that tripwire. We avoided bankruptcy. We slowly crawled back to life financially. Things got rosier. Daffodils grew in our path.
Getting that glimpse of seemingly Faraway Me, not too many years removed from Right Here Me, was refreshing.
In a moment I could see the arc from the low point to today’s high. 
I sat in hushed awe. 
Butterflies landed on my shoulder. Young girls danced. Gnomes got drunk and fell down.  
You too have something like that in your life. Something worth celebrating for the distance you’ve come.
Take just a moment. Cast your mind back to a lesser time and let yourself feel the sweep of your experience.
Let birds sing. Let rum cake be eaten. Take your bow.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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The sublime paradox of limits

A nonessentialist thinks if you have limits you will be limited. An essentialist knows that if you have limits you will be limitless. 

~ Gregg McKeown, from Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

In the art world this truth is quickly made self evident. You need only go back a few hundred years to take in a breathtaking array of visual art . . . all enclosed within a simple, flat space.
The only constants are the rectangle, the flat plane and pigment. Sometimes not even pigment.
From this rectangle springs realism, impressionism, abstraction, the pattern and decoration movement, surrealism, cubism, fauvism, expressionism, pop art and so much more.
In sports, in chess, in department stores, in classrooms, in baby cribs, it’s similar. The spatial configuration is limited but the expression runs rampant within those confines. 

Your constraint is your 24-hour day. 

Pay attention to the masters. It’s what you leave out that makes the difference between mediocre and amazing.

For your amazing day — your amazing life — fillet your activities like a finely de-boned salmon. 

Leave only what feeds you.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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How to know when you’re in love, totally besottedly in love

I have a friend with a storied love life. If a love life could tell stories his would require volumes. Though there would be more than a fair share of short stories. The shortest sliver of a story stories. Nano bits masquerading as a story. 

To be fair, there would be some novellas too. 

The ending of one almost always marks the beginning of another.

(For him.)

Now, he’s suddenly loopily beyond all hope in love. 

How do I know?

He says things like this:

Her sweat is like honey.


The 1% Solution (to all your cares)

Let’s say you’re a needy sleeper and you actually sleep 9 hours a night. This leaves you a paltry 15 hours left in your day. 

That’s barely enough time to binge watch your latest favorite program. Much less work and play and clean up and stuff. WTF.

(What the funk!?)

For the rest of us, who prioritize more meaningful experiences over mass consumption of entertainment, there’s a 1% Solution to all our cares.

Let’s tease out the numbers:

15 hours x 60 minutes = 900 minutes

One percent of your waking hours gives you nine minutes. Nine luxurious minutes to reflect and envision.

900 minutes x 1% = 9 minutes

Think about this. If you take 9 minutes every day to go silent, you can accomplish something significant. You can connect, reflect and envision in 9 minutes.

Slowly, over time, you can heal your issues.

Slowly, over time, you can move into a better place.

How does this little magic trick work in reality? Let’s break this down further. 

The 9-Minute Solution:

1 to 2 minutes: State your vision

If an issue is overwhelming you, state your concern first. 

Then immediately follow it up by stating an ideal outcome for all concerned.

If there are no pressing issues, then simply state the vision you have for your life.

If you are not in a position to do this aloud, then do it on paper. Whether you are speaking your vision aloud or etching your vision on paper, it’s powerful.

5 minutes: Give it up to your Soul Source.

Let it loose. 

Set the vision free. 

In your mind, fling this vision outward. Toss it out into the magnificent, responsive universe. 

Feel the first inklings of joy and freedom, knowing that the fulfillment of the vision will come in some as yet unknown way. 

Maybe even in some wildly unexpected way.

1 to 2 minutes: Write down an inspiration.

Whatever surfaces, write it down. And act on it today.

It may be to call someone. It may be a simple action you can take. It may be a kindness you can bestow. It may be to do what you already do each day but to do it reverently. It may be to wait another day . . . 

There you have it. 

That’s the 1% Solution that will ease your cares and lead you to where you ultimately want to go.

You know what’s even better?

The 1.5% Solution is even better.

That’s 14 minutes max. Here you add only one additional element. 


You start with Appreciation. 

You spend 5 minutes in rapt appreciation. Whatever comes up in your mind, find something to appreciate about it.

Better yet, start off with appreciating the hell out of one or two things in your life. One or two things without which your life would be a little suckier. 

Some days it will be the Big Things. The people you love.

Other days it will be more ancillary things. You know, brownies. 

Or whatever floats that soul boat of yours.

If you’ve been following the math it only takes 12 to 14 minutes to totally rock your days. 

Do these 12 to 14 minutes for 30 days and then check back in with yourself. 

Are you  your relishing your experience more? 

Are you finding synchronicities piling up? 

Do you find yourself smiling more often?

Are you more relaxed in your relations with others?

Are you finding yourself a tiny bit more energized? A lotta bit more energized?

Are you more radiant?

What kind of wonderful surprises have come your way?

My life changed starting with the smallest of rituals. This one will change yours. This is the most powerful ritual you can engage in daily. 

(The 10% Solution will change your life forever. We’re not even going to call it a solution, it’s a revolution.) 

(Don’t worry. We’ll talk about the 10% Revolution soon.)

For you 

Evan Griffith
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Homeless not bikeless

If you look closely at the ecosystem supported by this bicycle you’ll notice some interesting details. See the two fishing poles? And the backup rims and tires?  This system is set up to succeed.

The owner appears to be homeless. But he’s hellbent on provisioning as well as he can for himself.

This photo was taken outside of a local library. I live in an affluent area in the north end of Palm Beach County, so this is a well-appointed library. It lacks for nothing. 

Large windows run down one side of the building to let the South Florida light spray in. There’s plenty of open and private spaces. Audio. Video. Books. Magazines. Internet. It’s a fertile environment.

For a few weeks when construction in our home forced me out of my home office, I worked a couple hours a day here. 
This bike was outside almost every day. The guy who owns it is an older man — in his mid to late 60s — in good shape as you might imagine. What you may not imagine is how deftly he uses the library system as a way to stay safely out of the elements, while at the same time feeding his brain.
He has a tablet — or the library lends him one daily, I’m not sure. He plugs it into the network, pops on some earbuds and watches all manner of things throughout the hours. 
This guy is resourceful. Fishing. Librarying. Finding cool air conditioned spots during the blaze of the day. Finding clean bathrooms. Keeping his mind alive.
I imagine he watches everything from Seinfeld to Ted Talks.
Since we live in an ocean community, he has public showers galore at the beach to use whenever he wants. (John Marshall, who lived in a camper for 12 years, used the beach showers too.)
Does he wish for more? I have no doubt. Even so, this gentleman is an exercise in Emersonian self-reliance in the modern era. He fends for himself, yet uses public facilities to make this kind of existence tolerable, even rewarding.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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Creating puts you in tune with the infinite

“The moment of creation is the closest I feel to a godlike experience of connecting with something larger.”

~ Judd Apatow

Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy

You know the people who put that display together in the above photo were having fun. 

You know five-year olds finger painting are in no need of chemical pick-me-ups.

We’re always creating . . . though we often don’t recognize it. We’re creating an experience. A project. A relationship. A mode of being.

Years ago we stumbled upon something extraordinary wrapped up in the ordinary:

When we added fun and physicality to my son’s study process for a test, he soared. The time it took to study dropped by an astounding amount.  

(While smiles and bursts of laughter increased in inverse proportion.)

The most worthy creation is whatever you’re creating this moment. And believe me, no matter what you’re doing, you’re creating something . . . 

May the frolic be with you.


Your possibility partner

I’ve got a possibility partner. Actually, I’ve got three. That’s one of ’em above. 

We meet weekly. 

What a heady space you get into when you’re talking with someone burning to build a brand, aching to enlarge his capacity as a caring, effective human being. 

The plus in having three possibility partners is each lasers in on a different area. 

Scott, above, is simpatico with my sense of spirituality, a kind of practical mysticism. That one’s vision is a sacred calling. And that calling on resources far beyond what is considered normal is a natural state of being.

Mike is my science-based friend. We talk business. We talk productivity hacks. We talk brain capacity. His field is bioneurofeedback. No one knows the elasticity of the brain like he does. 

Travis Thomas of LiveYesAnd.com is closest in process to what I’m doing. Though I’m focused on writing about the creative-spirit matrix and his jam is more as a speaker and performer, we are both in the trenches creating the New Big Thing in our lives. So it’s an exciting intersection.

My possibility partners make me feel two important things: 

1) That my fondest dreams are possible 

2) That it’s important to grow myself

I hope you get one too. That’s the kind of lift you want when you’re flexing your wings for takeoff . . .    

For you 

Evan Griffith
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