Note: The C word

Sometimes I desperately need the message a #Note provides. This is just such a case.

I write from the vantage point of having two gigs. Our art gallery and my writing gig.

Three gigs if you count my home life. Which I do. And for sure Ann does. (Maybe not so our teenage son : )

I’ve been grooving along during our high-season at the art gallery clocking about 8-10 hours a week average for my creative practice. And I know that I need to kick it higher to accomplish the target I’ve set for myself: Publishing 3 bookitos this year.

So yes, this message screamed at me. To commit to an average of 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week.

I saw this older #Note, acquiesced to its message and posted it!


— Commit —

Delve into notes and stories on the connected creative life in these bookitos:

The Creative Morning Challenge

Burn Baby Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within





11. One splurge day a week

Fresh into the success of (finally) going without sodas for two months, I realized I needed to curtail my other sugary excess: desserts.

Normally I didn’t crave desserts, I’m pretty sure because I was drinking sodas often. Ample sugar was being imbibed already.

But as soon as I quit sodas ice cream, brownies, cookies and ice cream began sneaking in with greater regularity.

Week 11 of The Year of Micro Experiments as simple: Indulge only one splurge day a week for dessert.

This turned out to be the first triumphant all-in success of the micro experiments. It went off exactly as intended, no deviations.

It may have been the accruing momentum of the micro challenges overall, or riding on the coattails of No Sodas success — either way it was a breeze. Demonstrating that if you keep trying tiny innovations eventually one will come easy.

We like the easy. It encourages more.


Note: Someone you encounter


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The Creator’s dilemma

Here’s an excerpt from an upcoming bookito of mine I think you’re going to enjoy:

The Artist, The Mystic, and The Scientist
Overcome The Creator’s Dilemma —
Create at Your Playful, Soulful, Experimental Best

. . . . . . .

The place we find ourselves in

We creators want to add our note to the cacophony — we want to create something meaningful. We want to disturb the matrix, we want to insert our song into the songbook, we want to play in the pool . . . but not by ourselves.

This bookito is for creators. It’s not for those who are ‘just doing it for themselves.’ That’s a hobby, a pastime, a piffle. This is for creators who want to engage and weave their part in the great human tapestry — you. At the core of this text is the understanding that we want to create because we want to participate.

If you don’t want to participate there are monasteries and the Sunday New York Times for you. Or for some unlucky few, vast inheritances. Monk life can disappear you for a lifetime; the Sunday newspaper for a day; your digital devices, indefinitely.

All creators have an artform.

Or several. It may be actual art — sculpture, video, books, hip hop.

It may be fast-charging thrill-to-thrill adventures.

It may be a chill lifestyle — my dream life — with ample time for unhurried thought and connection.

It may be a home so nurturing even deadened souls want to hang out there — discreetly — in between lifetimes.

It may be genuine service to others at every opportunity (wish I could claim this is me, but really it’s my brother).

It may be an indie biz, a craft, a calling, a mission, a quest.

To live the artful life — however it appears to you in your waking dreams — it helps to do it soulfully.

Soulful doesn’t take away pain when someone cheats on you or the terrible reckoning when you lose the savings you’ve accumulated over many years, but it does make you fluid.

Like water.

When you think soulful, think water. You know you want to splash in the water — you do!

You want to be the water in all its flowy glory. Whether it is pooled or coursing or dripping or evaporating, water takes the easiest path.

Soulful is fluid, flexible and patient.

Soulful is Easeful.









The moment we seek to create something fulfilling chaos envelops us. Before even. Chaos is the condition of a universe without fate, without predetermination. Chaos is a trillion trillion objects energies lifeforms moving on their own trajectories, not yours.

There’s a way to dispel the snarl of chaos . . . the sense of futility inside, the urgency outside.

Bring your soul into it.

If you want to go soulful it helps to have the Artist, the Mystic and the Scientist in your pocket.

. . . . . . .

The Artist is the creator.

The Mystic is the soul source.

The Scientist is the brainpower.

. . . . . . .

[Coming this summer: The Artist, The Mystic and The Scientist]