Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

“Scientists and members of the general public are about equally likely to have artistic hobbies, but scientists inducted into the highest national academies are much more likely to have avocations outside of their vocation. And those who have won the Nobel Prize are more likely still.

Compared to other scientists, Nobel laureates are at least twenty-two times more likely to partake as an amateur actor, dancer, magician, or other type of performer.

Nationally recognized scientists are much more likely than other scientists to be musicians, sculptors, painters, printmakers, woodworkers, mechanics, electronics tinkerers, glassblowers, poets, or writers, of both fiction and nonfiction.

And, again, Nobel laureates are far more likely still. The most successful experts also belong to the wider world.”

From “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” by David J. Epstein


Note: Renew your vision

The other day I was stymied. Thwarted. There was nothing there but blah.

You know that kind of morass — you reach for your phone because you’ve become so unmoored from what is meaningful that you seek random spasms of the mildest interest in your feed to fill the void.

That’s when I should have gone to zero. When I should have renewed my vision for my day and life.

It’s not like I don’t know what it is. I’m the kind of guy who has that in an Evernote, for feck’s sake.

Every time I do — renew my vision — that tingling of life wanting to be lived resurfaces.

All it takes is going to a quiet place in my head — I don’t even have to be in an actual quiet place — I could be in a food court — I could be at my desk at work with hustle and bustle all about —

A pen and a piece of paper helps. You just spill out what you really want.

Till it activates you. Till you feel some kind of kundalini propulsion winding its way into your body. Till you feel animated by what really matters to you.

Wish I’d remembered that the other day — I could have saved myself scrolling fatigue.

. . . . .

Renew your vision


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