If you’ve got a hint of an artist in you, now is your time

In this time of coronavirus creators have a choice. They can do what my wife and I have done — check news and feeds like an IV anxiety drip every so many minutes. Or they can enter into retreat mode.

Creative retreat mode.

— or —

Spiritual retreat mode.

Better yet, since we know creativity and spirituality are interwoven, you can go on a creative spirit retreat within the confines of your own home.

Which is what we are now doing in Casa Griffiti.


Ann’s a painter. I’m a writer. When we’re not running an art gallery.

I was discussing this creative spirit retreat idea with my friend Russell Harris. He’d been thinking along the same lines. With a twist:

“If you’ve got a hint of an artist in you, now is your time.”

Yes, I agreed!

Then he added:

“You don’t even need to be told.”

Russell elaborated. You know this innately. You know this deep down. Don’t push it aside. If you don’t seize this isolation time to create, then you won’t ever.

The whole world is stopping.

You can choose feeds, streaming, movies, news, or binge watching shows.

Or you can choose your passion project.

(And still fuck off to your heart’s content at the end of a productive day.)

(It’s not binary, one or the other. Choose creation and entertainment can still be wedged in.)

Now is your time!

You can emerge weeks or months from now having grappled with your creative work — or your spiritual work — or your mental and physical renewal.

Or you can emerge blinking into the light of regular life again fatter, bleary eyed, having kept up with the minute-by-minute drip of bad news, having escape-watched entire libraries of serial TV.


There’s a better form of escape — into your work, into your personal renewal.

Your choice.

(Now is your time.)

(My time too. I write these Notes for me, because I need them. I share them with you, in case they resonate.)

Now is your time.


It’s mine until it’s yours

In a conversation with chef and woodworker Dave Beck, he described his mantra:

It’s mine until it’s yours.

Meaning —

While he’s creating a piece of furniture he can work it in any direction he sees fit to the best of his ability. He can craft a woodworking project to his aesthetic ideal without constraining himself to others’ expectations — if he wants.

After that, it’s yours — the recipient’s, the purchaser’s.

At that point it no longer belongs to Dave. The person in possession of the meal or the furniture can do as they wish. He’s no longer part of the equation. His work is done. He’s released it into the world — and what the world does with it is not his concern….

They can shorten the legs, remove slats, augment or adorn.

If a meal, they can oversalt it or kill off every ounce of nuance with sriracha.

(That’s a thing now. I’ve witnessed the murder of many a meal in this manner before even a bite’s been taken.)

His concern is to create and release. After that, it’s yours. Do with it what you will.


Truth is a thermostat (but we live a thermometer life)

Sometimes someone says something in such a fresh way it shifts your paradigm. Lisa Nicols of The Secret fame did that for me here.

At the bottom you can follow the link over to the full interview. It’s worth it:

Truth is non negotiable. Truth is a thermostat, but we live a thermometer life.

We check our truth based on what’s going on in our life – based on our bank account balance, on the relationship we are in, on our weight.

But the truth says, “Hold on! I didn’t ask you to check your environment. I asked you to adjust the environment to match your truth, not the other way around.”

~ Lisa Nichols in an interview by Katy Koontz for Unity Magazine