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Advice for future millionaires

“Give Mommy hugs and kisses. Smiley face. Do now!!”
While I’m giving you advice,
 that’s my son giving me advice in my planner.

I advise all future millionaires to take service work. 

Early on, work in a service industry. Be it waitressing, day labor, retail, as a cabana boy, spraying fragrances at the perfume counter, working in a food truck, whatever, however, learning to be of service to others will serve you well.

Learning how to be of service will aid you in acquiring those future millions. 

Also . . . 

Those of you with a heart, even decades later you will remember what it was like to be on the butt end of exasperation or snootiness. 

In college I had a male friend and a female special friend. This male friend was a loudmouth and a braggart but we liked the guy. Enough anyway. He’d never worked a service job. Sweet scheisse, was he ever a jerkhole to waitresses. 

My female friend had never had a job at all. Though she was inquisitive and cultured — she’d been reared in Europe for a time — her treatment of wait staff bordered on dismissive. It was painful to be in her presence at a restaurant.

But you, future millionaires, with your enlarged by service hearts, you would not for a minute allow yourself to treat others insolently. And the world will be better for it. 

For you 

Evan Griffith
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