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Creativity as a calling: Elizabeth Gilbert

Confiscated from . . . 
from an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert 
author of Eat Love Pray

I think creativity is entirely a spiritual practice. It has defined my entire life to think of it that way. When I hear the way some people speak about their work, people who are in creative fields who either attack themselves, or attack their work, or treat it as a burden rather than a blessing, or treat it as something that needs to be fought and defeated and beaten . . . .

There is a war that people go to with their creative path that is very unfamiliar to me. To me, it feels like a holy calling and one that I am grateful for.

. . . . . . .

With the exception of the experience of four months of meditating in India in an ashram, there has never been anything in my life that’s even approximated the sense of the miraculous I feel running deep in this work . . . . It’s beautiful.