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Hungry versus mungry

Today on the road I discovered a distinction between different spurs to eating.

I’m hungry when my body needs fuel. When an appropriate interval of time has elapsed since my last feeding . . . .When I’ve moved around enough to have burned up my energy stash. 

I’m mungry when all I’m really seeking is a respite from what I’m doing. It’s munch hunger. It’s relief seeking. I’m not really hungry, I just want to interrupt whatever unpleasantness is going on and munching on something dings that bell better than most other options.

Today it was from the driving. My body-self sought a break — any damn kind of break — from the relentless road.

It could as easily have been a task of another sort. It could have been in my work-a-day world at the gallery. Or when I’d hit an impasse while writing. At another time it might simply be to relieve boredom.

Realizing this — finally, eh, after 50 some odd years — I interrupted that interrupt pattern and eased off the highway at the next rest area.

Walking around, stretching, doing some exercises and then slugging down a hefty dose of water took care of the mungries.


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