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creative soul surfing

I write from beyond my abilities . . . and you can too.

Here’s what I’ve found: If you sit down with the intent to tap into your deepest resources, wisdom greater than you possess will leap to your command. It’s evident all over this website.

I recently read through some of these posts and was forced to admit repeatedly that I’m not as wise as the thought stream flowing through these pages. Not even remotely.

In life I’m a merry fool prancing about — here, ohhhh here, I’m oozing profundities not witnessed in my daily life . . . . ask my wife.

In re-reading some of these posts I inspired myself.

This was part of the mission. By inspiring myself I hope to inspire others. By encouraging myself I hope to encourage all. By elevating myself I aspire to elevate mankind in some infinitesimally small vibratory way.

He, uhh, raised the vibration of the place, man. That’s what I want said at my funeral. Or a biker bar.

Writing out your phenomenal self

You can inspire yourself too.

Writing it out is one of the most powerful ways I know to access and focus your inner genius.

My friend T-chele does this through journaling. She will journal through an issue the way miners tunnel through rock seeking the mother lode. Answers come to those who seek.

Or you can create your own dang blog — or get an inspirational group email going — or do it with a partner, back and forth each day or each week. You can write and re-write goals. You can write down who you aspire to be, on any surface that will hold markings.

Ann once wrote aspirational phrases on our bathroom mirror with lipstick. Turns out that’s hard to get off if you leave it there for awhile.

I recommend writing from your best self as often as you can. It’s one superior way to strike up a real acquaintance with SuperYou. It’s also the only way to experience for yourself the uncanny, eerie, supernatural majesty of the written word — your written word.

It’s as if you create anew by royal decree. By your written decree, it is so.

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