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Introducing Five Faves

If you glance up above to the menu items, you’ll notice the second page item from the left is labeled Five Faves. It’s a new page added for those who enjoy sleuthing around a theme.

There are various themes for you to tendril through, if you so desire.

There are Five Faves about:

. . . my personal faves not on the most popular list

. . . going into the silence

. . . the power of the mind

. . . if you’re feeling down and out

. . . stories of resurgence

. . . searching and finding

A couple of the Five Fave lists are copied here, so you don’t have to do the hard work and move that clicker all the way up and — whew — click on it just to see what I’m going on about.

The lists, and their contents, will change over time, just like you and I do.

Enjoy —

Five fave squishy love posts (about you)