Notes For Creators

creative soul surfing



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Shift your creativity into a spiritual practice and unleash a creative power you didn’t know you had.

Those at their creative best thrive. This is as true for those in the arts as it is for those in business, large or small.

You’re curious about a better way to be creatively alive. It’s simplicity itself you’re after.

In your work, in your projects, in your relationships, in the things that matter most . . . a simple practice is all you need to creatively engage at your highest levels.

Learn how to de-clutter your time and tap into your creative genius by living the three simple protocols in Burn, Baby, Burn.

Evan Griffith has lived the creative life from all ends: as a writer ( Notes on creativity and spirit) and art gallery owner; as a graphic artist and corporate design manager. He’s played with hundreds of creative individuals over the decades. Post-2008 crash, when many in creative fields floundered, he learned what it takes to flourish.