Notes For Creators

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This site be a-changing

#NotesForCreators — hand-jotted notes to creators of all stripes has taken over. What started out as a social media lark a couple of years back has become more and more the focus of this site. 

Not just the handwritten notes you see alternating with posts . . . but the intent behind all posts has morphed. 

I now see every post as a note to people intent on creative living. 

Notes of inspiration and insight . . . peppered with brief stories here and there of people grappling with the most significant question: 

How do I create a meaningful life?

These posts are for people who embrace uncertainty and experimentation, in their work, in molding experience, in deepening their relationship to life itself.

The Work

You’ve been longing for a tale of a guy who throws away a robust career in New York City to live in an old van, traveling around America, seeking an art town to live in . . . 

I’ve heard your yearnings. Yes I have. So I’m finishing up a memoir based on my self-ejection from a Wall Street job and subsequent van living . . . .

The title’s pithy enought . . . BUT . . . it’s got a long and winding road of a subtitle. Ready?

Bohemia in Suburbia:  

Oh the creativity and originality outside of urban areas (one guy found traversing America) (in an old van) (that had problems of its own)

The subtitle explains it though, don’t you think? I left The City and drove around the U.S. searching for a creative-friendly smaller town . . . 

And love. I was kinda looking for love too. 

(Though I didn’t know it.)

This is that story, and it’s coming. It’s a-coming.

What I’m intrigued by now

The whole spiritual-creative continuum. In all its guises. Both shadow and light. How people spark their best, often from their worst. How people navigate their way. How people tap into the unknown to find their way in this world.

All this intrigues me big time.