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Ode to joy . . . in numbers

So much of what we share here on the Internet is beautiful — pithy insights of sometimes searing beauty — achingly beautiful bodies — creative acts of beauty — natural scenes of such splendor one is left in hushed awe . . . . .

Today I want to celebrate the majesty of numbers. 

This screen, everything we do digitally, so much of what we adore about the modern era is based on our ability to calculate colossal sequences of pure mathematica . . . Would anyone want to go back to that pre-Internet era?

This info era is built on the sciences, whose romance language is numbers.

So much that we do and share is built on top of calculations — intimacies and jokes and spiritual truths and images of wonder and images of cats and sometimes random thoughts and sometimes startling thoughts.

I am not a numerate guy — I’m literate. I’m art-erate. I’m consummate in my passions for the emotional side of life . . . 

Yet today I am struck almost giddy by the bedrock of interlocking formulas that pervade my life.

Thank you numbers! And thank you to all of you who traffic in them — so I don’t have to. (!)

For you 

Evan Griffith
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