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RAKFriday, not Black Friday

Do you want a better tradition to participate in than Black Friday commercial mayhem?

Travis Thomas, founder of, has given us the answer.

Instead of Black Friday, RAKFriday.

It’s simple. Forego the commercialization of the Thanksgiving weekend by doing Random Acts of Kindness.

Here’s an article about RAKFriday:

The antidote to Black Friday madness: #RAKFriday

You can also go to and record your own Random Act of Kindness given onto the FaceBook page.

The goal? 1,000 random acts of kindness today.

In a year or ten years, it could be that RAKFriday generates millions of random acts of kindness.

Go forth — be crazily generously randomly kind to someone today!

Every small act multiplies outward. 

Ripple the pond! 

RAK it today, on #RAKFriday.

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Evan Griffith
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