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The real question about the WonderFlow

You’ve been in the WonderFlow, haven’t you? It’s that flowing-down-the-river-of-life-in-an-innertube feeling, even when the day is rat-a-tat-tat zippy.
Occasionally I have breakfasts with friends. That time is never forced, never tiresome, it flows. It so flows.
Time with loved ones is like that. Time with liked ones is like that. Time engaged fully in what I’m doing is like that.

The question isn’t how is it that I get spit out of the WonderFlow?
I do that well enough on my own to know the root causes. All it takes is the perception of not enough in my world, damnit! — time, money, attention, you name it — and whoosh, I’m stranded on the banks, watching others float merrily by.
The question is how do I get back in when I’m out?
There are so many ways . . . you know your ways. You know the ways others get in the flow. I know my ways . . . so why don’t I do it?

The real question is this: Why don’t I do what it takes to get back in the flow the very minute I recognize how far I am from the Stream of Voluptuous Experience? What is it about Grumble World that I’m so fond of . . . that I’d rather be there than in the FlowVerse?



2 Replies

  1. Hi Evan,

    This is a lovely sharing. Thank you. I know when I'm in the flow, I know if I'm in danger of being stranded on the river bank. But this flow of life is very merciful, isn't it, Evan? Just a little bit of humility, a little bit of change, and there we are, floating in the Wonderflow again… Blessings to you friend.

  2. Ahhh thanks Christopher ——- it's true, merciful and forgiving . . . .