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That Goodwill bag in your closet

What’s the best way to simplify and to give?

Goodwill. Or any other charitable organization that accepts physical item donations.

By decluttering . . . and donating those items . . . you are doing both at once.

Placing a Goodwill bag in your closet . . . makes donating automatic. It’s easy then to Kondo your closet and home. 

It’s what we do.

When I come across an unused, unloved item, in the bag it goes. 

Each time I fill a bag, I place it in my car — to drop off the next time I drive near Goodwill. And of course I immediately place another bag in the closet.

Easy does it. Make it easy and you find yourself doing it.

Remember master tidier Marie Kondo’s number one rule:

If it doesn’t spark joy  toss!

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Evan Griffith
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