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Thought is the whisper

In chaos theory small causes can have disportionate effects.

The most popularized version of this is the famed Butterfly Effect. In this scenario a butterfly flapping its tender wings in Borneo could ultimately propel a tornado into Topeka.

Some very small causes can have lopsidedly gargantuan results.

The butterfly itself could not cause the tornado . . . but when you add the butterfly’s wind effect to the currents already at play in the world . . . if occurring at just the right moment (wrong, so wrong, as perceived by our hypothetical Topekans) . . . that little oomph can cause an amplification, which amplifies one stream into another until you have, Kansas.

I propose, in human endeavor, that seemingly inconsequential cause — the Butterfly Effect — is clarity of thought.

This is why thinkers steeped in . . . anything . . . amplify it into existence.

Thought is the whisper of the butterfly’s wings.

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