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Two things improv comedy can teach us

Travis Thomas is many things. He is a speaker, a teacher, a guide, a coach, an evolved spirit, a blogger and vlogger, an improvisational comedian (oh, and more, but there are limits to the size of this post . . . and to your endurance).

Let’s deal with the last of these: To me this going onstage without a script and improvising in the moment is a wildly perilous venture, one fraught with uncertainty in every moment.

If it’s true that the thing people are most frightened about is speaking in front of an audience . . . then going onstage without a script must be fear to the power of fear.

I’ve found this, when you speak to people who do scary things — base jumping, getting in between a couple in an argument, gator wrestling — they tend to be nonchalant about the difficulty of their undertaking. As in: Taint no big thing.

Travis was the same way about improv. As he was speaking about the experience onstage, two things leapt out. Both are life insights masquerading as improvisational instruction.

Listen in.

The first: You surrender to the process and to your partners and find your bliss in the flow of what arises.

The second: Let’s quote him directly — 

You celebrate mistakes because there are no mistakes.                                                  — Travis Thomas



2 Replies

  1. It is so nice to have a friend who can make me sound so much wiser than I actually am. That is the sign of a great writer – and you are a great writer Evan! This blog is a gift to me – and it truly means a lot to have you as a friend!

    There are few people I know who have looked fear in the eye like you have – and instead of wilting – you have bloomed!

    That is living "Yes and…"

    You are a master without even knowing it 🙂


  2. My God, Travis, I am honored. Thank you!