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What does this love crap mean anyway?

If I move from anger at you to frustration with you, love moved me

If I move from frustration to annoyance, love moved me
If I move from annoyance to ah what the hell, love moved me
If I move from ah what the hell to who knows what he’s got going on, love moved me
If I move from that to acceptance, love moved me
If I move anywhere up the chain of negativity to positivity, love moved me

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  1. Thank you for your words here Evan. It's a genuine pleasure to touch in with your warm and vibrant spirit. Every good wish and it's good to share life's journey with you.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting Christopher. What a thrill, since I consider your work to be a touchstone for me.

    For those not familiar with Christopher Foster, please visit his blog at ——— You'll find much enjoyment (and nourishment) there. The title of the blog says it all — wish I'd thought of it!