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Your mind ultimately answers every question you ask it

Your mind ultimately answers every question you ask it.
Buckminster Fuller

In recent months I have become a fan of this concept expressed by Buckminster Fuller. Here I use the original meaning behind the word fan, that of a fanatic. 

The reason I became fanatical was because this elegant statement zinged down into the way deep for me when I first read it. It tingled there because I had already formulated my own version, one born out of panic.

My formula was something like this: desperation and determination yield results.

I began to understand that this is so in the past couple of years. At first my asking was in the form of desperate pleas — prayers — for help.

The first time I was seeking an answer to this question: how will we survive this economic meltdown for the next two years? The answer came immediately — sell your house, now.

The second time I was traveling down the west coast of Florida six months later. We’d sold the house quickly (for an excellent price in that market — and did I mention quickly?!) and had made it through the unbearably bad season.

Now with summer coming on, we had no way to pay our staff for the next six months . . . so again, desperation and determination commingled. I was desperate, and yet determined to find a way.

This time I was on an extended trip returning artwork to artists — my fourth such trip in as many months — so that we could save on the shipping costs. (With sales plummeting, we had artwork piling up in the gallery. With no home to absorb the overflow, we had to find a way to return enough so we could operate.)

For a couple of days I had been making an assertion — and praying like a true believer for the answer — that the way to keep our business afloat for the summer would appear.

I vacillated between asserting and asking — I’d heard both methods work, so not being choosy I employed both.

That answer came — see if you can join up with your favorite art transporter. Ping! It was just like that. The idea sprung fully formed into my mind . . . and I felt a ripple of excitement, as if the idea were actionable, even in this hyper-recession.

I made the call — Bob had me working two days later.

When I came across the Buckminster Fuller quote I wrote it down in my planner every week for weeks, as a reminder to ask.  And to ask patiently and persistently and with faith that the answer would come in its own time.

What I especially like about Fuller’s statement — your mind ultimately answers every question you ask it — is that it doesn’t imply urgency is a requirement.

I’m beginning to ask poignant questions to train myself that desperation need not be a factor.

How can I give during this time when my financial giving has been cut way back? This blogsite is one way. (If in South Florida, I am a man with a van willing to offer free service to those in need . . . you can see details at the bottom of the Hire Me page.)

How can we have more sensuality in our child-centric world? (Hey, not every question has to be lofty!) The answers to this one are better left unposted.

You get the idea. With enough training my brain will get the idea too. It’s a matter of training myself down to the soul level — the energetic level some would say, the subconscious/collective conscious mind others would say — where communication with the Infinite is transmitted.

I’m looking forward to playing with this for years to come. I’ll check back in with you from time to time to forward results.

Plus, I’d love to hear from you about your methods (and your results) when you’ve ardently sought a solution to an issue in your life.

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2 Replies

  1. Dorrie

    The mind does possess every answer and can release that response so simply it is like a single breath….so easily missed and taken for granted that one may overlook it.

    I use journaling to vent in a safe place, to express thoughts, and look for answers. One day, I was particularly vexed by my husband's lack of committing to building a much needed barn. As usual, Don purchased everything he needed and there it all sat, bleaching in the sun for a year or more. All I could think about was how tight money was to be wasted like this, and the daily inconveniences I suffered while digging through and around this pile to get what I needed to care for our large property.
    With great exaperation I journaled, "Am I supposed to get a job so I can pay a carpenter to build and design this barn and then put all our supplies into it by myself? Tell me what to do and I will do it!" I demanded, as I wrote.
    The answer took only a brief sigh of a second…
    and I wrote:
    "Love Don."
    And, so I did.

  2. Dorrie, that is profound on so many levels! Not only that you were asking, but that you were journaling about it. There is some kind of keen connection when you write . . . and ask . . . or envision.

    What I love even more is that the answer came from the highest realm — it didn't really address the specific issue but went above the issue.

    You couldn't have heard it if you weren't already connected —

    Thanks so much for sharing that very personal story.